Of Course Hillary Got The Nomination. What Did You Expect?

Photo: Getty Images

Last week, the media “officially” declared that Hillary Clinton was the presumptive presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. This sweeping declaration was met with a resurgence of the usual rhetoric that we have learned to expect from the Clinton camp: men are oppressive, Republicans are sexist, and Hillary is the epitome of righteousness. While the sentimentality is quite touching, let’s not pretend to be surprised by this outcome.

Before I am wrongly accused of being misogynistic, I will make it clear that I acknowledge the historic aspect of this moment. Hillary Clinton is the first woman to lead the presidential ticket of a major political party. I am proud of how far our country has advanced. However, this moment would be much more celebratory if the woman receiving the nomination was anyone other than Hillary Clinton. That may seem a bit harsh, but at least I’m not pretending to be surprised by this outcome.

In reality, Hillary was guaranteed the nomination the minute that she announced her candidacy. Bernie Sanders put up a good fight and, as an outsider in Washington, he certainly performed a lot better than I had originally anticipated. Although I refuse to #FeelTheBern, I actually enjoyed watching the 74 year-old “Democratic Socialist” attempt to dismantle the Clinton machine. However, it becomes increasingly difficult to win when your opponent is a politically-privileged liberal opportunist.

I know it’s difficult to imagine, but let’s pretend that Hillary is the altruistic savior that her supporters claim she is. Putting all politics aside, Hillary is (on paper) more than qualified to be the President of the United States. Just consider her extensive political resume: Yale Law School Alumnus. Former First-Lady of Arkansas. Former First-Lady of the United States. Former U.S. Senator. 2008 Candidate for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. Former Secretary of State. This resume has ensured, and will continue to ensure, Hillary’s continuous climb up the political ladder.

The truth is, Hillary Clinton is a prime example of the status quo. She is no stranger to the Washington establishment, and she knows exactly how to work the system. It is no secret that Hillary has made a fortune giving political speeches throughout the country. Averaging $210,795 per speech, Hillary has shown that she has the ability to effectively market herself. Don’t get me wrong, Hillary certainly has the right to give speeches, and to get paid for them. That’s the beauty of a free market. However, considering that many of these speeches were paid for by Wall Street, let’s not allow ourselves to buy into the notion that Hillary isn’t well-connected.

It just so happens that having access to an extensive network of well-connected Washington insiders is a prerequisite for success in a Democratic Primary. A basic understanding of superdelegates, and the role that they play, is all that it takes to realize that party insiders have a large amount of influence in choosing their eventual nominee. Let’s just say, it is by no coincidence that Hillary ended up with 92% of the available superdelegates.

I am in no way insinuating that Hillary won on the basis of superdelegates alone. Mathematically, she would have defeated Bernie based solely on her number of pledged delegates. However, there is no denying the pivotal role that superdelegates play in these contests. Superdelegates consist of elected members of the DNC, Democratic governors and members of Congress, and other distinguished party leaders. Since these individuals are not bound by the same rules as pledged delegates, they are free to support the candidate of their choosing.

When it comes to winning over superdelegates, the more connected you are the better. With 92% of the superdelegates rallied towards her cause, there is little doubt that Hillary was the top choice of the Democratic Party insiders from the very beginning. Considering the support she received from Washington insiders, the donations from Wall Street, and her ruthless ambition, it is absolutely no surprise that Hillary has received the nomination. Period.  

So congratulations. You nominated an establishment-friendly, politically-privileged opportunist who will stop at nothing to get the power she believes she deserves. This is neither an achievement, nor a victory for the American people. Hillary is a politically-privileged opportunist, and her ruthless ambition is nothing to be proud of. If Hillary is your candidate, that’s great. However, please don’t insult the American public by acting like this is an odd-defying moment.


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