Elizabeth Warren’s Hypocrisy Continues to Shine 

As I was watching the Democratic National Convention on Monday night, I experienced a plethora of emotions, particularly during Elizabeth Warren’s touching speech. I found myself caught between feelings of frustration and disgust, which is not surprising considering Elizabeth Warren is one of my least favorite political figures.

My disgust with Elizabeth Warren was not spurred by my disagreements with her policy positions. Yes, I believe she is wrong on many issues, but disagreements don’t necessarily have to result in contempt for one another. Policy positions aside, my disgust with Elizabeth Warren came about with a single sentence from her speech that summarizes how big of a hypocrite she truly is: 

“We believe we must get big money out of politics and root out corruption” 

This sentence, in and of itself, it neither controversial nor hypocritical. In fact, I agree wholeheartedly with this statement. It is the context in which this sentence was uttered that illustrates Elizabeth Warren’s hypocrisy, which was in the midst of offering a glowing endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

Let’s consider Elizabeth Warren’s political profile. She is best known, perhaps, for the crusade that she has led against Wall Street. She has consistently declared war on big banks, even though she has benefited from the lawyers who represent them. She is practically a messiah among the leftists who believe that free markets are the cause of all of our woes. 

Even though I strongly disagree with such sentiments, I still respect the rights of those to believe in them. However, my question is this: How can someone denounce big money and corruption, but yet continue to be a surrogate for Hillary Clinton? It simply doesn’t add up. Unless of course, Warren has chosen to forgo her principles in the wake of opportunity. 

In 2004, Elizabeth Warren fully acknowledged that Hillary Clinton had succumbed to the pressures of the Wall Street lobbyists. Now, as one of Hillary’s biggest surrogates, she passionately declares her support for an individual who embodies the opposite of what she claims to fight for. If that’s not hypocritical, then I don’t know what is. 

Initially, my theory about Elizabeth Warren’s public support for Hillary Clinton revolved around a potential bid for the Vice-Presidency. However, that idea was soon shattered when Wall Street shared their disdain about Elizabeth Warren as Vice-President. Ironically enough, when it came time to choose between Elizabeth Warren and Wall Street, guess who was crossed off of the list? You guessed it, Elizabeth Warren.

I will fully acknowledge that Warren’s support of Hillary could be completely independent of any opportunistic endeavor. For all I know, Warren could be supporting Hillary purely out of the “goodness” of her heart. Regardless of what spurred her to become Hillary’s most passionate surrogate, it is clear that she is violating the very principles that she defended during her speech at the Democratic National Convention.

It’s not about motives. It’s not even about policy positions. It’s about consistency, and acting in accordance with the principles that you claim to support. By claiming to oppose political corruption and big money, and then actively campaigning with Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren’s hypocrisy continues to shine.