The Power of Objective Thinking


The great philosopher Ayn Rand once wrote:

“Men who reject the responsibility of thought and reason can only exist as parasites on the thinking of others”

The meaning behind this quote resonates loudly with those who choose to make decisions based on merits of reason and logic. Such individuals are willing to accept that the truth may not always coincide with “what feels right”. An objective thinker will consider the facts and utilize the tools of reason and logic in order to form a stance that is rooted in reality. An objective thinker possesses the ability to dig below the surface and expose ideas that are generally accepted by the public. Finally, an objective thinker has the ability to view issues though different lenses and not allow personal biases to cloud the truth.

The difference between objective thinkers and subjective thinkers is often a lack of principle. Without principles, it becomes easy to fall victim to the masses because decisions are based solely on fads and instant gratification, with no consideration for future consequences. Principles provide an individual with a foundation that can be used to form solid arguments that are based solely on how he/she views the world. When an individual adheres to his/her principles, they can make decisions that are based on  Many times, an individual’s principles are rooted in culture, family and even faith.

Now, Ayn Rand would argue that faith and objective thinking are two contradictory forces which, to an extent, is completely true. However, I would argue that faith and objective thinking can also be two reinforcing concepts. In my opinion there are two types of faith: blind faith and objective faith. Blind faith would be classified as believing something because you are told to do so. For example, following a certain religious doctrine without question, based solely on how you were raised. Blind faith can be dangerous because their is often no true premise for why an individual has faith. Those with blind faith are often quick to force their beliefs and render judgement upon others because they are unable to view the world in different perspectives. Objective faith, on the other hand, is faith that is obtained through personal observations and experiences. For example, coming to a faith-based conclusion though efforts of research and education. In other words, objective faith is the ability to understand what you believe and having solid reasons for believing it. Those with objective faith typically refrain from forcing their beliefs upon others because they recognize that their faith is rooted in personal experiences. In many cases, opposing viewpoints provide an opportunity for strengthening faith. For this reason, I believe that one can have faith, but still maintain an objective view of the world.

Objective thought allows individuals to fully analyze a situation and make decisions based on their conclusions. Unfortunately, a lack of principles and objective thinking is becoming more and more prevalent in the modern day political arena. Politicians make decisions based on greed and self-interest and citizens votes for the politician that makes the most false promises. In many cases, individuals are willing to accept certain policies as beneficial simply because they sound good. In order to sift though the lies and deceit to uncover the truth, it becomes essential to dig deep below the surface and analyze the facts. Unfortunately, many individuals have no idea where to begin and so they continue to remain silent and complacent.

The goal of The Objective Independent is to provide the reader with an alternative way of thinking. I do not hide the fact that I am a Libertarian. For this reason, many of my posts will focus on issues of liberty and freedom. My aim is not to change minds, but to change thought processes. By providing my perspective on key issues I hope to bring an alternative perspective to the table. The issues featured on this blog may be controversial to some, but I feel it is important to talk about such issues in order to gain a greater understanding. As a result, I hope that the reader learns how to step out of the comfort zone, challenge preconceived notions and embrace objective thinking.

– The Objective Independent

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